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Bhutan General Information

Bhutan is a small remote country in the Himalayas located between China in the north and India to the south. Bhutan is one of the least visited countries and visiting it is like being in fairyland. It has been isolated be geography for decades. Bhutan has been open to tourist only for the last 20 years. The country’s development philosophy is based on Gross National Happiness(GNH) unlike the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of other countries. Bhutan provides a very safe and exciting destination to visit. Bhutan is one of Asia’s smallest countries, with a land area of only 38,394 km2.Until the early 17th century, Bhutan existed as a patchwork of minor warring lords, however, the area was unified by the Tibeten lama and military leader Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. From 1907 till 2007, Bhutan was ruled by Wangchuck dynasty which brought tremendous development in Bhutan. On the 17th of December 2005, the 4th King, Jime Singye Wangchuck announced to a stunned nation that the first general elections would be held in 2008. He abdicated his throne in favour of his eldest son, the crown prince King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck on December 14, 2006. The Crowning ceremony was held in October 2008 as part of 100 years of monarchy.

 Here are some intresting facts about Bhutan:

1) More than 72% of land is still under forest cover and the constitution of Bhutan mandates to mantain atleast 60% of forest cover for all times to come.

2) Bhutan's development philosophy is based on Gross National Happiness(GNH).

3)Sell of tobacco is illegal in Bhutan.

4)Backpackers are not allowed in Bhutan.

5) 50% of land falls under protected areas (National Parks and Sanctuary).

6) In 2008, Bhutan became constitutional democratic monarchy.

7)There are no traffic lights.

8)Bhutan is one of the last places on earth with the living ancient culture.

9)  Over 5,600 species of vascular plants have been recorded, including 579 orchid species and 46 rododendron species. Bhutan's wild fauna includes over 700 species of birds and 190 mammal species, of which 14 and 26 mammals are globally threatened. Some of these globally threatened species such as tiger, red panda, golden langur, capped langur, wild dog, takin and black-necked crane still occer in significant number in Bhutan.

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